Digital Security and Video Surveillance 


Your goal as a business owner is to be successful. Success depends on your most important resources being people, assets, and information. Protecting your most important resources and keeping operations running as efficiently as possible is your priority. While there are many reasons for utilizing a video surveillance system, the top three for businesses today are:


• Loss prevention
• Safety for your employees and customers and
• Accountability

Not All Security And Surveillance Systems Are Created Equal

At Lasco, we have a unique set of skills and experience that ensures your business is secured properly. With an extensive background in IT, networks, and information security solutions, it is a natural progression for us to provide another level of security for your business. Surveillance has transitioned to a high-tech IT based industry making video surveillance, access control, and security systems a great fit for our expert team.


Whether you have a current system that may need minor upgrades, or are in need of a new surveillance system, our expert security team can help. We begin this process by conducting a site evaluation, and designing a solution for your business. Our team takes everything that is important to you, including your budget, into consideration to make sure you receive the best solution for your needs.

Premise Security by Lasco

While we are a technology driven company, our relationship with you is what drives our success. There is only one way to start the process. It begins with a personal contact.


To learn more about everything Lasco offers in video surveillance and security, or to schedule an evaluation, call our knowledgeable staff today:



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