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Security has risen to the top of the agenda for most company executives and board of directors today. Rapidly evolving security threats pose an ongoing and central challenge for businesses today.


It isn’t enough to have a strong defensive strategy any longer. A proactive approach to security can help you predict risk and move towards prevention rather than defense.


Do you know how secure your valuable information really is?

Lasco’s team can complete both internal and external vulnerability assessments. Our team focuses on revealing to your team where your weaknesses are. Simply put, our team behaves as a hacker would. With everything from infrastructure challenges to social engineering, if there is an opportunity the “bad guys” will find a way to exploit them.


Our job is to assist you in preventing these security attacks by utilizing our in depth assessments, to providing on site employee security training, to helping you with premise security and video surveillance, and much more.

To learn how vulnerable your security may be, contact our security experts today!

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