Network with like minds at Lasco’s Cyber Symposium

We are partnering with the Michigan Bankers Association in this event! Check them out here.

Event Details

Where: Ramada in Marquette, MI
Track 1 – October 19th
Track 2 – October 20th

Featured Speakers

Jeff M. | Digital Forensic Analyst
Ryan W. | Cybersecurity Control Analyst
Mark N. | Cybersecurity Threat Analyst
Andrew G. | Vice President of Technology
Mel M. | Senior Vice President of Risk & Finance
Ben C. | Technical Support Manager

Track Overview

Our tracks are designed to cover topics that are important to your organization. You only need to attend one:

Track 1 – Banking Services
This track is designed to cater to our banking institutions. It is a full day event going over important factors such as Cyber Insurance, recent threat events, a round table discussion about data loss prevention, mobile device management, and multi-factor authentication, along with a great demonstration of a threat assessment and how ransomware can effect your organization.

Track 2 – Commercial Organizations/Credit Unions
This track is designed to cater to our everyday organizations and credit union institutions. It is a full day event starting with a roundtable discussion, then leads into ways to train and develop your employees, discussion on cybersecurity events, and ends with an incident response tabletop test on handling ransomware and rogue wireless devices.

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